We protect your data and sensitive information

We offer comprehensive solutions offering through a combination of access control, monitoring, encryption, secure communication, auditing, analytic tools and an early warning system protection for your system and business from intrusion coming from the Internet, intranet, or other networks.
For more information and the opportunity to test your products in a real environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to compile with you a set of modules that would be the greatest benefit for you.

Antivirus protection

  • Bitdefender Gravity Zone (Bitdefender)
    Bitdefender Gravity Zone provides four layers of protection already in the basic version including system immunization in 3 seconds.

Secure communication

  • GoAnywhere MFT (HelpSystems)
    GoAnywhere MFT is the solution for an encrypted file transfer simplifying data exchange between systems, employees, customers and business partners.
  • Travic link adhoc (PPI)
    A simple solution for exchange of large data volumes.

Data protection

  • Cilasoft Audit and Security Suite (Syncsort)
    Solutions to meet the security, data protection and audit requirements in the IBM POWER i environment.
  • Sodat Encryption (Sodat)
    File encryption-based data protection solution effectively protects data from potential outside and inside attacks.
  • SODAT Protection & Analytics (Sodat)
    Security monitoring of user behavior on PC with simple centralized management and high quality support. Audit information and business data access monitoring helps to prevent data loss and data leakage.
  • Cososys Endpoint protector (Cososys)
    Protects data from threats within the company.

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