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Banking Solutions and Services

Complete range of solutions and services for banking

Implementation, migration and support for banking systems, especially on IBM Power i, is a traditional activity of our company. In collaboration with the world’s leading suppliers of banking IT solutions such as Finastra with the FusionBanking product line or ERI Bancaire with OLYMPIC, we provide international banking solutions covering all areas of banking business, from payment and securities processing to cash operations and equity markets, lending, corporate, private, retail and digital banking, to risk management. We provide our clients with a full range of services from consulting and analysis, through implementation, integration, migration to 7/24 support. Our portfolio contains also an integration middleware for CBS systems on the IBM Power i platform allowing a smooth connection to third-party applications and systems.


Banking business today inherently needs a secure communications infrastructure that is a key component of digital financial, banking and payment services. Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) is an internationally standardized communication protocol for transferring financial and banking data and information over the Internet. This standard is now established in many Western European countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, etc.), so we offer EBICS-based solutions in cooperation with our partner PPI in Central Europe.Products from the TRAVIC family enable not only economically efficient electronic banking, but also automated and fast bulk payments and / or secure EBICS-based file transfer. You can also connect to the S.W.I.F.T. network via the EBICS protocol, or to the Target2, EBA Step 2 or RT1 clearing systems.

Core Banking Systems

  • Fusion Banking (Finastra)
    Award-winning banking solutions with a wide range of features to meet the most demanding banking requirements, incorporating the latest innovations and technologies.
  • OLYMPIC (ERI Bancaire)
    OLYMPIC banking system is a fully integrated online solution with a high degree of parameterization and modern, service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • MTI (Crede Experto Praha)
    Midas Transaction Interface is an IBM Power i middleware that allows easy and seamless integration of third-party systems with CBS FusionBankingMidas from Finastra.

EBICS a travic

  • travic Interbank (PPI)
    Solution based on EBICS protocol for connection to clearing systems EBA Step2, Target, RT1, TIPS etc.
  • travic Link (PPI)
    EBICS based File Exchange Solution running as client/server (initiator/responder).
  • travic Corporate (PPI)
    EBICS based File Exchange server solution for corporate clients.
  • travic Retail (PPI)
    Internet payment solution based on EBICS protocol for retail customers.
  • travic Port (PPI)
    EBICS protocol based internet payment solution for corporate customers.
  • travic Sign (PPI)
    Electronic sighnature and verification in web browser.
  • travic Web (PPI)
    EBICS API interface and clienrt environment for end users.
  • travic Mobile (PPI)
    EBICS protocol based mobile application.

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