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Our Team

Crede Experto relies on top-class certified specialists, whose experience is largely based on working in reputable IT companies. Thanks to our many years of experience, our professionals have mastered the information systems on the domestic market as well as foreign markets. By participating in various training sessions, they are constantly improving their qualifications.


Jiří Sandanus Managing Director
Michaela Bílková Assistant Sales & Marketing
Petra Jirošová Sales
Roman Lébl Sales
Jana Jirásková Chief Architect – PTS
Marek Bielesch Project Manager – PTS
Marta Polášková Project Manager – PTS
Martin Wolny Senior Developer – PTS
František Hruška Developer – PTS
Oldřich Kos Developer – PTS
Vitalii Belomoin Developer – PTS
Tobiáš Hrdý Developer – PTS
Ondřej Vopálenský  Senior Tester
Tomáš Harašta Head of Technology
Rostislav Schořík Senior Consultant – HA & IBM POWER
Martin Šoltés Consultant – HA & Intel
Ondřej Herián Consultant – HA & Intel
Stanislav Nezveda Senior Consultant – Banking
Zdeněk Burian Senior Consultant – Banking
Gabriel Šimoni Senior Consultant – Banking
Jiří Lukaštík Senior Consultant – Banking


Slavomir Herián Sales Director
Ryszard Pytko Senior Consultant – HA & IBM POWER
Krzysztof Osmulski Consultant – HA & IBM POWER
Grzegorz Paluch Consultant – HA & IBM POWER
Iwona Dabrowska Gratkowska Consultant – HA & IBM POWER
Jolanta Dusko Assistant

Frankfurt am Main

Michael Weisel Senior Consultant – PTS
Beatrix Schlaback Assistant


Pavol Štaffen Sales Director
Viera Psotková      Senior Consultant – PTS


„Per aspera ad astra …“

Praha   ♦   Frankfurt am Main   ♦   Katowice   ♦   Bratislava