Payment Systems

Payment Transaction System is a flexible automated payment processing solution based on STP with support for all types of payments connected to local (CERTIS, SIPS) and international (STEP2, TARGET, TIPS) clearing systems.

The STP-based Payment Transaction System (PTS) is designed to process all kinds of payment transactions for domestic, foreign and cross-border payments. By implementing PTS, we achieve a high level of payment transaction automation, including liquidity management, automatic calculation and accounting of fees and charges, and payment routing. The solution works on the current MS Windows platforms according to the client’s requirements (from XP above), for the thin client just a standard web browser is sufficient. PTS works on a DB2, Oracle or MS SQL database server, the system is equipped with interfaces to connect to S.W.I.F.T. and all major European clearing systems, including local country clearings. PTS enables communication with common electronic banking systems as well as with the API layer of PSD2. Its advantage is an easy integration with central banking systems.

  • PTS/Kernel – global STP-based system core.
  • PTS/CURR – multi-currency payment system for correspondent payments I all required formats and currencies.
  • PTS/A&R– a module that, in addition to managing central directories (BicPlusIban, Target2, RMA, SEPA), allows you to configure preferred payment routes, and based on that configuration, automatically provides routes for each payment transaction.
  • PTS/HIST (Historty & Statistics) – web-oriented module for historic data, statistics and investigations of payment transaction history including s simple management of complaints.
  • PTS/Domestic – solution for payment transaction processing within local clearing systems in domestic currency.
  •  PTS/SEPA – module for processing of standard SEPA transactions according the EPC rulebook in native XML format with adjustments to local markets (account protection etc.) and integrated SEPA mandate management for SDD.
  •  PTS/Charges – global fees and charges module allowing to apply fees to both individual payment transactions and groups of transactions over a defined time period (billing).
  • PTS/CC – global module for managing special conditions for individual clients or accounts (transaction value dates, exchange rates, etc.).
  • PTS/Reconciliation – module for automatic payment reconciliation.
  • PTS/IP – a separate Instant Payments module, both in the local environment (CZ, PL HU) and the euro zone.
  • PTS/Converter – encapsulated module enabling automatic conversion of electronic data formats based on predefined templates (for example format conversion MX<->MT etc.).



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