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Profile and Objectives

We have more than 30 specialists at our headquarters in Prague and at branches in Frankfurt, Katowice and Bratislava, and with an annual turnover of over CZK 120 million, we are among the leading companies in the European information technology market.

„Per aspera ad astra …“

  • The company has a long-term focus on delivering professional IT solutions and services for infrastructure, high availability and business continuity, security, data protection, banking, payment and financial information systems.
  • The main strategic goal is to build and maintain long-term customer relationships. We fully recognize and respect that each of our clients has their own market access strategies. That is why our consultants work closely with the customer from the initial stages of joint projects and develop the resulting solutions to meet not only his needs, but also the demands of the challenging market. The result is long-term strategic partnerships based on regional knowledge, intensive communication, strong professional background and favorable prices.
  • We put a strong emphasis on the added value of our solutions, from consulting and input analysis, through the delivery of SW and HW products and services to follow-up technical support, professional consulting and training.
  • In designing our solutions, we focus on advanced and modern technologies, proven practices and established standards.
  • The qualifications and experience of our specialists guarantee the quality of the solutions and services delivered.
  • In the financial area, the company’s strategy is focused on stability and continuous growth.

„Per aspera ad astra …“

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